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You exercise 1 hour a day , 3 to 5 times a week, why don’t you look like “(your goal here)”?

It is the remaining 23 hours of the day that need to be your focus.

CrossFit advocates eating “real food” in healthy, balanced portions. The Paleo and Zone Diets are both good ways to maintain healthy nutrition. Ultimately, Paleo in Zone portions is the best way. Check them out on the internet ( or click on the Paleo Recipes and Recources page on this website.

Here are some tips:

What do I eat? CrossFit’s nutrition prescription says: “Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar.  But to achieve top performance, you have to be specific about the balances of those things and accurate in your macronutrient consumption. You can get far on the workouts alone, but you will not – cannot – reach your true potential without getting particular about your fuel. There is a 1:1 correspondence between elite CrossFit performance and accuracy and precision in your consumption.”

Macro nutrients:
Protein [fish, meat, chicken, dairy (opinions vary on dairy-dependent on tolerance.Eliminate for 6 weeks and reintroduce to gauge tolerance), eggs, etc.]
Carbohydrates (vegetables, fruits, etc.)
Fat [oils, butter (in moderation), nuts, avocado, etc.)

“Good” Foods:

Anything that is “real”. The closest form of how it was grown, raised, or caught. If it has an expiration date printed on the package, that is not ‘REAL’ food. Try to shop the perimeter of the grocery store, BUT AVOID THE BAKERY! Go into the aisles for oils, nuts and seeds. You will find everything you need to sustain healthy nutrition in the produce, meat, seafood and dairy sections of the grocery market.

Limit alcohol intake. Alcohol turns into sugar in the body and stores as fat.   Sure, we like to get a good buzz going, or relax at the end of a long day, but it slows metabolism, prohibits proper nutritional absorption, turns into fat in the system, causes bloating, etc.  We aren’t asking you to give it up entirely, just be realistic with your expectations.

“Bad” Foods:

Processed foods. Foods with a laundry list of words in the “ingredients” list. Sugary drinks. Soda, diet soda, Gatorade, G2, Crystal Light, pre-mixed protein or “healthy” shakes, nutrition bars (with the exception of very few), highly processed cheese, deli meat with a long shelf life, high sugar yogurt, foods that claim to be “no/low fat” on the PACKAGE – all that stuff is BAD.

It takes some time and effort to change your eating habits to be what they need to be, but it is well worth it.

We will be running “Nutrition/Diet” challenges from time-to-time here at CrossFit 1525 but in the mean time, ASK ASK ASK!!! We are ALWAYS here to help with any questions you have about your eating habits, what/when you should eat, etc.


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  1. Shawn says:

    Found a website called Caveman Strong with paleo recipes and meal plans…you all may already be familiar with it since I am a beginner but thought I would share it.

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