Before/After Photos

Tony began with us on January 3, 2011. He is a 43 year old married father of a 4 year old, has a full time job and is earning his MBA in his “spare” time. Below are photos of him from January, February, May and June 2011. Tony eats paleo and does between 4-5 WODS per week. He had to lay down for 30 minutes after his 1st wod to keep from puking, but he kept coming back and did not let ANYTHING get in his way of becoming who he is a short 6 months later. He has lost ~60 lbs. to date. NO. MORE. EXCUSES.

6 WEEK Nutrition Challenge Results:

Charles – 6 weeks

Patrick – 6 weeks

Heather – 6 weeks

Sal – 4 months

Mariam – 6 weeks

Brian – 6 weeks!

Ladell – May to November

Kristin is a mom of 2 young kids. Her weight in this 6-week span ONLY CHANGED BY 1/2 POUND!!

Alex – 6 weeks (-2.5 lbs.)

Sara – 6 weeks (-3.5 lbs.)

Ned – 6 weeks (-9 lbs.)

This is Kelly, who came in a 38 yr. old pre-k teacher & mother of two young girls, just looking to have some fun and get a new workout routine.  She has developed into one of, if not the strongest, female athletes at CrossFit 1525.  Here is the progression of her changes from October 2010 through June 2011.  PLEASE NOTE – HER WEIGHT HAS REMAINED THE SAME (126 – 127 LBS.) THROUGHOUT THIS ENTIRE TIME PERIOD.

Oct 2010

June '11

January 2011 Paleo Nutrition Challenge – Before and After
These are results of JUST 6 WEEKS of doing WODs at CrossFit 1525 and the paleo diet/lifestyle!!!

Below is Charla in January, February and May 2011.

Justin – 6 weeks

David – 6 weeks

Richard – a.k.a. Swole – 6 weeks