CrossFit FAQ’s

Have you heard someone claim

“I am in the best shape of my life and all I do is a 3 to 12 minute workout!!”?

Though it is hard to believe, they are telling the truth.  Here’s how:

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is “constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity”.

Constantly varied:  in CrossFit, our training is general.  We train for the unknown and the unknowable.  We train across a broad range of modalities (gymnastic/body weight movements, cardio, external load weights) in order to achieve total fitness.   Other than the occasional “benchmark” WOD, you will not see the same workout twice.   Each WOD (workout of the day) will work the full body, from core to extremity.  You will NOT see isolated movements- such as lateral raises, bicep curls, leg extensions – typical of a big business “globo” gym.

Functional movements – the movements we execute in CrossFit are natural; that is, they are variations on how your body was designed to move.  CrossFit movements are essential to maintaining quality of life.  We squat, stand, bend, lift, pull and push.  We train these movements in such a way as to maintain the body’s ability to perform them powerfully and efficiently, despite aging.

High intensity – in CrossFit, we strive to “move large loads, long distances, quickly”.  The goal is to maintain, during the WOD, the highest relative intensity you are able to give that day. As with any other types of physical demands, the amount you are willing to give equals the amount you should expect to get from a CrossFit workout.  Don’t forget:  duration of a typical CrossFit WOD is less than 12 minutes.

What is Fitness?

The CrossFit definition of fitness is “increased work capacity across broad time, age and modal domains”.  CrossFit trains the 10 general physical skills in order to increase work capacity: accuracy, agility, balance, coordination, cardio-respiratory endurance, flexibility, strength, stamina, power and speed.  Fitness in CrossFit also pertains to nutrition.  We advocate eating “REAL FOOD” in healthy, balanced proportions.

What can I expect from CrossFit?
We are here to get you into the best shape of your life, and let you have a great time doing it. Our goal is to get your fitness levels to new heights, help you set personal records, and watch you surprise yourself at how much stronger & faster you can become. We provide quality training of high intensity/short duration workouts with fantastic results. If what you want is to feel better, get more fit (stronger, faster, higher), and feel good about doing it, CrossFit 1525 is the place for you!

How do I get started?
Please refer to our “Getting Started” page.